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Dr. Ilgın Gökaşar (Director of Boun-ITS LAB) has been working as a faculty member of Civil Engineering department since 2007. She worked on freeway ramp-metering strategies in her PhD study. She worked as a researcher in Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA), and Boğaziçi University (İstanbul, Turkey).

Her research focuses on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Incident Management and Traffic Safety, Work Zone Traffic Management, Advanced Public Transportation Systems, Ramp Metering, Real-Time Traffic Control, Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation, Smart and Sustainable Transportation Systems, The Use of Big Data to Address Challanges in Mobility, Safety, Sustaiability and Resilience in Multimodal Transportation Systems, and Travel Behavior: Pre-trip Information and Social Influeces on Mode Choice.

She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and supervises MSc and PhD students in the Civil Engineering Department. She also offers courses in Construction Engineering Management (CEM) Program in Civil Engineering Department.